Observer’s Brains

You want a quick recipe to carry Observer’s aka Brain Guy’s brain in a dish? Try this out! I was originally going to make the brains out of Jell-O but I ended up making it out of ice cream! To “carry out” this recipe you have to get the following:

  • Black Rasberry ice cream
  • A clear dish or bowl
  • A spoon

Now to make his brain!

  1. Take 3 scoops of Black Raspberry ice cream and put them together in a clear dish. Almost making a triangle.
  2. Now take the spoon and smooth out the scoops until they are in the shape of a brain.
  3. Then make dashes in the ice cream.
  4. Make sure the ice cream has melted enough to make a puddle around the brain.

Lay it down and enjoy! Just don’t get brain freeze!


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