Recipes and things to come! (In the not too distant future…)

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I have many things planned for the site! First: a complete site overhaul! There will be a special Turkey Day tab with Thanksgiving recipes. Second: I will be working double the recipes that I started with in October! Some recipes include the following:

  • Moon 13 Cupcakes
  • Satellite of Love Cake
  • Mitchell’s Beer Can Chicken
  • Moon 14 Mesozoic Ranch BBQ chicken wings
  • Squirming Mud
  • Gizmonic Patch Chocolate Bars
  • The Final Sacrifice Breakfast
  • Torgo’s Pizza
  • The Master’s Fried Hands of Fate
  • Thanksgiving recipes
  • And much more!!!

Prepare for the mouth watering nightmare that is a “Full Stomach”!


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