Happy New Year! Time for more new recipes!

Happy New Year everyone! This year went by fast! I have been hard at work creating new ideas for recipes during the new year. My plan is to have more recipes up each month than I did last year. I have a plan of posting 3 to 5 recipes per month. Here are just a few ideas for each season:

Early Winter 2018

  • The Beast of Hollow Mountain’s Beef Burritos
  • Master Ninja Pad Thai Noodles
  • The Final Sacrifice Breakfast
  • Waffles!

Spring 2018

  • Diamond Head Pineapple Glazed Ham
  • Gypsy’s Mashed Potatoes
  • Fu Manchu’s Iced Tea

Summer 2018

  • Mitchell’ s Beer Canned Chicken
  • Joel’s Lemonade
  • The Master’s Deep Fried Hands of Fate

Fall 2018

  • Turkey Day Marathon ’18
  • Marshmallow Souls
  • Satelitte of Love Cake

Holidays 2018

  • Gingerbread Roadhouse
  • Gingerbread hosts figures
  • Gizmonics Chocolate Patch

Here is to a Happy 2018 and possibly the Season 12 of MST3K Premiere!image-1


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