Happy New Month! March is here and I’m going all out!

This year is flying by so quick already! My family has gone on diets hence why I’ve been so quiet. We hit the RiffTrax Live 2018 Kickstarter campaign mark in less than a week and the teaser for Manos Returns was released! This month I will be working on St. Patrick’s Day recipes and the following experiments are going turned into edible arraignments:

  • Space Mutiny
  • Pod People
  • Hamlet
  • Gamera
  • The Touch of Satan
  • The Final Sacrifice
  • The Castle of Fu Manchu

There will a continuation of last month’s not reached recipes too and more! I’m going to redo the layout of the site too! I hope that that this will make your mouth water. Here’s to a happy and hungry month ahead.

Here’s my shirt I’ll be celebrating st Patrick’s Day in!


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