Future War Dino Nuggets

Oh, Z’No! What were dinosaurs (and Robert Z’Dar) doing in the 90’s? Probably trained as trackers to find short sleeves for a shirt or a ton of boxes! Here is a taste of those dinos (and not the stringy meat of Santa when he hits the skids)!

First you will need the following:

  • Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets (any brand will do as long as there is a T-Rex!)
  • BBQ sauce or ketchup (whatever flavor you prefer.)

Now to cook them you won’t need to heat them with a KFC heating lamp! Follow these fast and easy steps:

  1. Place in microwave for 45 seconds. (These are the instructions on my box for microwaves but if you want to cook them in the oven, follow your baking instructions.)
  2. Remove and let cool for 1 minute.
  3. Dip into favorite sauce

Wonder why fossils are so rare? Because you ate them. Enjoy!


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