Joel’s Homemade Lemonade

What do you make when life gives you lemons? Lemonade, of course! Or in Joel’s case during the KTMA beginnings, extra parts too. So with those summer heatwaves coming you really could add some lemons and extra parts to your life either if your on the porch relaxing or trapped in space! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 Lemons
  • Lemonade mixing powder (For those extra parts)
  • Mixing pitcher
  • Water (depending on your serving size)
  • Ice
  • Hand juicer
  • Bowls

Now beat that heatwave that is mad scientists making your lemonade:

  1. Cut up lemons in halves
  2. Remove seeds
  3. Use lemons in juicer to make lemon juice in separate bowl
  4. Depending on your serving size mix powder and water together in mixing pitcher
  5. Add lemon juice
  6. Drop ice into the pitcher
  7. Place pitcher in refrigerator to cool
  8. Remove from refrigerator
  9. Pour into glass or cup of any kind
  10. Drop ice and lemon wedge into glass

Now you are ready to take on the summer heatwaves (or bad blockbuster movies)! Enjoy!


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