Big McHuge Beefy Burger

You want the muscles of David Ryder? Try a protein shake or workout running up and downstairs with railings instead of this recipe because this is not your average burger. You might want to reach speeds of 3 while running after this meal. Here’s what you need to commit mutiny against your diet:

    2 Burger patties
    2 Onion rings
    BBQ sauce (Bold when possible)
    Burger buns (2 heels and 1 crown)
    Munster cheese (Not Blast Hard Cheese!)

Now for the beefy muscles:

  1. Start up your grill
  2. Grill patties until cooked through or to your cooked preference
  3. Remove burgers from grill
  • Now for toasting your buns: (And not by sitting in the gas line that is ignited by lasers!)
    1. Place butter to melt in pan
    2. Toast both heels and crown on butter until golden
    3. Remove from pan and let cool
  • Now to assemble the burger in the many names of David Ryder:
    1. Place first heel (or bottom bun) on plate
      Next add patty on top
      Add Munster cheese
      Squirt a little ketchup
      Place another heel on top of cheese and ketchup
      Add another beef patty
      Place cheese on top
      Squirt BBQ sauce
      Add onion rings above sauce
      Finish by placing burger bun on top.

    Now grab your protein shake, jump into your enforcer, and enjoy! Also don’t forget to sign Sherri’s Birthday Card!


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