The Crawling Popcorn Eye

Bear eyewitness to MST3K‘s first experiment on the Comedy Channel in 1989 with the movie The Crawling Eye by a Halloween treat that won’t take be a a physic to make!

Here is what ingredients you will need to get your treat to start get crawling:

  • 1 Popcorn ball
  • 1 bag White chocolate chips
  • Red, blue, black icing pens
  • Licorice
  • Toothpicks

Now to mutate that eyeball!

  1. Melt white chocolate chips
  2. Place popcorn ball on a stand that it wont roll
  3. Spread white chocolate around popcorn ball
  4. Make eye details with icing pens (look at picture for details)
  5. Add red eye strain (as seen in the picture)
  6. Stick toothpick in bottom center of popcorn ball
  7. Add licorice to make tentacles by attaching to toothpick

If you want to ward off the this treat on top of your mountain with either an air strike or Molotov Cocktails just enjoy this quick fix for Halloween with your mouth. Witness this recipe with your own eyes! Hopefully it doesn’t make your eyes water!


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