Using MST3K and food to keep the community together with the blog’s future!

Here is a story about why I created the Satellite of Grub. After a year’s worth of heartbreak I rediscovered my passion for MST3K but most of all cooking. I thought, “Why isn’t there MST3K recipes?” I decided to make recipes to help connect the MSTies around the world. My message is still relevant to this day during this troubling time. I’m not letting the blog go down but up! I just hope and pray that everyone is safe. I’m going to be changing some features about the blog. Get ready for search engine options, better menus, and more recipes! Please enjoy what I am planning to dish out! (Yes, I had to use a pun!) [I attached the turning points of my life to inspire people like they did to me.]

The reason I’m so positive and ready to help anyone.
My first box set!

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