Guiron‘s Pulled Pork Pot Pie

In honor of tonight’s NEW Gamera epidode, I did a recipe for a classic MST Gamera episode: Gamera vs Gurion! Of course you don’t want to make this in a hurry! Here is what you will need!

  • Pulled Pork Meat (homemade or microwaved)
  • Pillsbury Roll of Dough
  • KC Masterpiece Sauce
  • Dutch oven

Now to get baking!

  1. Place cooked pulled pork in Dutch Oven
  2. Mix meat with KC Masterpiece Sauce
  3. Unroll Pizza Dough from can
  4. Layer across Dutch Oven and pinch ends
  5. Place Dutch Oven in oven at 375° for 10 to 14 minutes
  6. Pull from oven when crust is golden.
  7. Let cool.

Enjoy this meal during tonight’s episode!


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